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Hello world, here I am! July 21, 2008

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I work in a field where every day I encourage others to pursue their dreams, so why should I be any different with my own? Today I take my first step on the path of pursing something I have always loved to do, and have always wanted to take in a direction where it may become something more than a hobby.


I have always been a writer. I have a love for words that goes beyond what most would consider normal. One of my favorite games is Dictionary, and my favorite book is the thesaurus. Ok, well maybe not my favorite book, but it’s definitely on the top ten.

Some of my favorite reading

Some of my favorite reading…


It wasn’t until recently that I realized how long I have actually been writing. For years my mother has pleaded with me to go through the stacks of boxes stored away at her home, filled with my childhood belongings. In March I had an extended stay at her home and during that time I finally went through most of it. Well, maybe not most, but I definitely made a dent. After another ten years I imagine I’ll give it another go. Many of the boxes were filled with scraps of paper, upon which I jotted down ideas that passed through my blossoming mind. I found stories I had written about Santa’s elves when I was six. I was actually quite impressed with the detail of the two page front-and-back fantasy. I found works from what I will call my “dark period” around 7th grade, where I wrote stories that never entailed happy endings, and usually centered around devious themes. I have always thought that tragic endings were more interesting and realistic than the ride-off-in-the-sunset crap that Hollywood has led us to believe will actually transpire. No wonder so many of us are disappointed with our lives. I have piles of poetry I wrote in my later high school years. Generally they were sappy love poems, but I must admit there were a few that were fairly deep for an ADD 17 year old. And stored on my computer are files upon files of various styles of writing I have accumulated over the rise of the technological age.


When I had finally whittled everything down to what I could stuff into one medium size box, I found that most of what I had kept was my old writing. I suppose that means the writing is what was most important to me. I still see themes of what I focused on in various phases within what I write nowadays, and it was quite fascinating to see the evolution of my writing. I closed up the box, and with my purple Sharpie I labeled it “Youthful Things”.


I am also a self-proclaimed Word Junkie. Words are like my crack. At all times I have my radar out for a word that is not in my vocabulary, or is in my vocabulary but is wretchedly underused. Then I will use that word as much as possible in order to keep it in the forefront of my mind, so that in the future I may impress others with my lexicon of knowledge, without a bat of an eye. I constantly seek out the perfect way to express what I am trying to say. I’m not always successful, but I guarantee you one heck of an effort. I will read over something I wrote a thousand times, editing the smallest details in order to get it just right. It’s somewhat of an obsession, but it’s a healthy one compared to my obsessions with plaid pants, or knitting the perfect slouchy hat.


I also talk too much. I guess that goes hand in hand with writing. When I’m talking I can see when people’s attention wanders, but I just keep on going as if they are hanging on every word. But with writing I know I have your attention, and if you decide to wander off for a minute I know you can return to where your attention teetered without skipping a beat. Plus, when I’m speaking, I frequently say things that I should not. I suffer from a condition affectionately named Foot-In-Mouth-Syndrome. But when I write, I can put every single thing I am thinking and choose whether or not I should take it out later. I really wish I had this option in my daily life.


So, welcome to my blog. I encourage you to sit back, relax, light up a smoke and enjoy! Visit often and visit habitually. I promise I won’t disappoint. I couldn’t possibly tell you everything about myself in this one entry –although if you gave me the chance I just might try- but I believe that the truly important (and completely irrelevant) stuff will all come through in time.


Oh yes, and if you want to learn a little more about me in the mean time, go ahead and visit my Myspace page: ‘Cause you know everyone’s got one these days.


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  1. Leo Says:

    Good luck with your blog!

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