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Word of the Day July 28, 2008

Filed under: Word of the Day — Messie Jessie @ 10:23 pm


-A period of ten years; a decade

“In the present decennium”

How I observed this word:

Well, I didn’t really observe this word, per say. My mom called me to make sure I got home ok from my 10 year reunion. Since she knows I’m such a word-hound, she thought she would ask if I knew the word for “something that occurs every ten years; like a centennial only 10 years, not 100.” I did not know this word, but it became my new mission! After a little investigating– which i cannot take credit for– the word was found!

By the by, my mom read my first blog entry and wanted to leave a comment, but decided against it. Therefore i will quote what she wanted to say: “Ever since my daughter was in 2nd grade she’s had a better vocabulary than me! -Mommy G”

Thanks ma!


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