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Masticate on this! August 19, 2008

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    “Every day is a battle of perspective”

Now tell me, What does this mean to you???


One Response to “Masticate on this!”

  1. James Says:

    “Every day is a battle of perspective”

    Hmm… to me this is a very deep statement. Let’s break it down and see what it says…
    1. If every day is a battle of perspective, then that means that every day we wake up in battle mode; or at least that we should.
    2. It is “Every day”, meaning that this battle needs to be a constant battle, not “every day until you’re 30 or 50” but every single day of your life, from today until the day you die… a daunting challenge.
    3. And “perspective” shows that this is a personal, subjective battle. It isn’t one that others can help you with, but one in which you are completely and utterly alone.

    So… this quote to me says that every day we need to battle against our conditioned perspective or reality. We wake up every day with the supposed knowledge that “I am this person” “I can do this” “I can’t do this” but that right there is why the battle is daily lost.
    We cannot limit ourselves by solidifying in our mind what we can and can’t do. Be it the wall blocking our potential which says we can’t run 3 miles in a single session on the treadmill, or the wall in our mind which says that we can’t move objects with our mind. Both are walls which we have put up in our own minds based on what others have told us since our birth. Some walls are more easily broken down than others, but just because it’s easier to break down the 3 mile run wall than the telekinesis wall, doesn’t mean that both have the ability to be broken down.
    The way to break down these walls is little by little every day challenging our preconceived notions of the way the world is and the way we interact with the world, and more importantly the idea that we are somehow separate from the world; when in fact the complete opposite is true. We each make our own universe, the entirety of our existence takes place within our own minds; therefore we all have the ability to change our existence in whatever small or large way we see fit.
    The challenge comes not just in challenging what we believe; but in challenging what we know.

    This is the first step on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

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