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In Memorandum August 31, 2008

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I would like to dedicate this entry to, and observe a moment of silence for, an old friend who passed away yesterday at approximately 8pm.



My computer died last nite. She was born in 1999, but came into my possession in late 2005. She and I worked well together for some time. We were a strong team, mostly because I didn’t ask much of her. We did simple tasks together, like creating Word documents. She helped me take a step further in my entrepreneurial endeavors by creating business and info cards for my blooming business. She was my secret thought keeper, and my personal secretary.

When Philadelphia went wireless, I started asking more and more of her. I can be a demanding woman, and I should have known she just didn’t have it in her old Windows 98 bones. As time wore on, our disagreements grew more and more frequent. I should have read the signs that she was near her end, but I ignored all complaints and continued to push her.

Last nite, her drivers could take no more. She went into failure several times, and this morning I decided it was best to pull all life support and allow her the eternal respite she so deserved. Rest in peace, my old friend.


I have heard the saying; “He takes one in order to teach many”. I’m not sure if I believe in all the “He” stuff, but I do know she taught me an important lesson. BACK UP YOUR FILES! For the love of everything technological, if you don’t want to risk losing it, back that shit up. My old friend took some important files with her to the grave. I have been writing for years, and had discovered the beauty of keeping it all stored on my hard drive. I have said to myself several times “I should really back this up somewhere in case anything ever happened”. Well, SOMETHING happened and I never backed it up. While all is not lost- it’s either gonna be damn expensive or risky to get them back out. I can’t even think about losing all that writing right now, it’s too painful.

So, who is this new techno-chippie I’m romancing, you ask? Well, I am the proud new owner of a MacBook. That’s right folks, I bought a new computer. That bears repeating: I bought a new computer. And… I have switched from the PC to the Mac-Side.

This morning, over more cups of coffee than I would like to admit, I called several family members to get their thoughts on the matter. I came to the conclusion that it was not worth spending any money to get my old computer fixed, and since I am a financially independent woman I can afford to buy a new one. They all had the same input (even my mother!): “Jess, it’s time”. My family’s resident computer consultant (aka Uncle Dave) highly suggested the MacBook. After thinking about some numbers, I strapped my deceased friend on my back and rode the old 79 bus down to my local Best Buy to take a look-see.

The sales man was very patient and helpful. I am the kind of person that when faced with a potential large purchase, want to know exactly what I am getting myself into, and will ask you many, many questions in the process. (It is worth mentioning that the sales guy was also very cute, and I feel like we clicked, so if he happens to be reading this, I would suggest he contact me if he felt the same. Just puttin’ it out there. This is an interactive blog, you see).

So, long story longer, I picked out every accessory I thought important- including a flash drive so I can BACK UP MY FILES (lesson learned). I won’t say publicly how much this sucker with all the accessories cost me, but I will say I feel like I just gave birth to a child. Because of this I have decided to name her: Maggie-Mac. For the next six months of my life I will be vigilant about paying for The Mac to avoid any interest charges. I would like to shake the hand of the person who invented interest accrual grace periods. I have figured out how much I need to put aside each paycheck, and it’s not killer, but it will affect my precious savings plan. However, in the last 4 hours since I’ve had her, I get the feeling Maggie will be worth it. 

So, for now I will take some time to get to know dear Maggie-Mac. I’m sure I will make mention again of Mac vs PC. And, in closing, I would again like to say goodbye to my old friend. May she lay comfortable on my closet shelf; until I can figure out how the hell I am going to pry my files out of her dusty carcass.

Yup, this pretty much sums it up.

Yup, this pretty much sums it up.


2 Responses to “In Memorandum”

  1. aerialheldhigh Says:

    It is worth mentioning that the sales guy’s name was James. He also felt the same way. Lady cute. Reciprocity complete. He opened a wordpress and wants to hang out. If you don’t want to call leave your number on my new wordpress.

  2. A. Gigi Says:

    Best of luck with getting the old files Jess.
    Enjoy the new world. I’m sticking to the ol’ PC. It’s just fits with my engineer nature. ha ha.

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