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Have you noticed yet? September 11, 2008

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Keep your radars alert folks, something is stirring out there…

Those crazy cosmic forces are at it again. The last two days have been filled with uncanny synchronistic events, that make me ponder what the universe has in store.

On one occasion I was talking philosophical vs religion when at that very moment three priests cross our path and end up blessing my counterpoint’s rosary.

On another occasion I was going about my business when I meet a stanger who knows someone that I had just given up trying to get ahold of the day before, and they said they would tell the person to contact me.  

Those are just two of my many examples. Have you noticed any synchronictious events yet in your own life?

If so, what do you think the universe is trying to tell you?

If not, it’s time you open yourself to the possibility that something larger than yourself is trying to send you an important message.


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