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Cerebration & Inked Words September 15, 2008

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Don’t ruin this for yourself by trying to figure out what these poems are about. It’s not that important, and my lips are sealed anyway. Just appreciate them for the beauty of word written in lyrical verse. Get lost in your own subjective interpretation, not mine.

And, for your listening accompaniment:

My mind and my thoughts

Like spots

Or dots

Petulant clots

Filled with what haves

And what nots



The waiting

The creating

The anticipating

Can be so invigorating

Yet thoroughly frustrating


A Haiku:


Awaiting spring’s rain;

Cascading leaves instead fall

Prepare for winter


















4 Responses to “Cerebration & Inked Words”

  1. aerialheldhigh Says:

    It’s like a vertical rain-sleeve of an acrostic, without the acrostic. Pulling down and down.

    It’s also typified by your blog entries. (Sorry to say).

    Interaction does not equal -although, sometimes it does – fun, does not equal awareness, does not equal thought, does not equal wiles, does not equal expectancy, does not equal disappointment, does not equal internal reference, does not equal spuriousness, does not equal apathy, does not equal confusion. Further confusion. Interaction does not equal that either.

    IT DOES.
    To refute my own refutation,
    The logic doesn’t make sense,
    But it hurts and it DOES.

    The end though.
    You’re right, it’s true ambiguation. And all of the former leads to it. Compulsively, anyway.

    Your poem is unfair. The end is pernicious and reactive at best.

  2. It’s not so much that one equals another, as much as it is one begets the next- in that particular circumstance, at least. It is meant to be reactive and hurtful, that’s part of the acrimonious humor of my subjective experience.

  3. aerialheldhigh Says:

    It’s good.

    The tone just seemed sad to me, as the reader.

  4. Then my point was aptly made!
    I refer you to my first ever post, where I discussed my favor for dark themes.

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