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Observation of the day October 6, 2008

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T-mobile hires a high percentage of gay men.

I have nothing against gay men. As my grandmother said, “every girl needs a gay friend”.

Seriously though, every time I go into a T-Mobile store, I am assisted by a gay male.Today, I was assisted by the guy on the right. The gentleman on the left helped me when I first signed my contract, months ago at a different location.  He said he actually remembered me because I was the “most challenging customer” he had ever had. 

My response, “Oh great… challenging. I know what that means”.

He clarified that I asked a lot of questions, and most customers don’t do that, then come back and complain later. He commended me for being “challenging”.

Either way, I dare you: Go into a T-Mobile store and see for yourself. Nice blokes, all of them. But also, clearly homosexual.


One Response to “Observation of the day”

  1. Melissa Says:

    HAHA! Do you remember my friend Rob? He has been a manager with TMobile for over 5 years… Cackle

    PS I think hes in the fishtown store

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