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Calling all readers! October 19, 2008

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Alright folks, I need your help. Let me give you a little back story: I was talking to a friend about my blog, and I asked if he thought a certain post was funny.

Him: “Yeah, I think it’s funny; I think your blog is quite good. But what are you doing with it?”

Me: “What do you mean what am I doing with it?”

Him: “Well, I mean what are you trying to accomplish? Who is your audience? Who reads your blog… besides me?”

Me: (Somewhat miffed) “I just write about my life. And… people do read my blog.”

Him: “Yeah, but who?”

Me: “Well… family and friends. I don’t really know, I guess.” 

This is where I realized I need to be doing more. This is where I ask for your help.

All attained knowledge originates in the passage from one source to another. I attempt to pass the knowledge of my blog to others via tags and word of mouth. But I need you all to help me spread the word. If you like what you read, copy my URL and email it out to as many people as you can. Talk about it around the water cooler. Bring it up at parties and have it written down so you can hand it out when people are too intoxicated to remember it. Get T-shirts printed out. Go to your favorite cafe, closest SEPTA station, or any other high traffic area wearing a sandwich board with the URL printed in large letters. Ok, well maybe that’s taking my expectations of you all a little too far, but you get my point. Please, SPREAD THE WORD!

Also, I started this blog with the premise that I would eventually find my angle- what my central emphasis would be. After four months of going at it I feel like I have yet to uncover my theme, and I highly doubt that just telling quips and anecdotes about my passing experiences and thoughts will be enough to drum up lasting interest- at least to anyone who doesn’t know me personally. So, I also ask that you drop me a line and tell me, in your opinion, when you read my blog what is the general theme you pick up on? When you tell people about my blog, what do you tell them it is about- other than me? If you could choose the direction in which I would take this blog, what would you choose? What would you like me to write about, or what would you like to see more of? I am sincerely interested in your input and thoughts.

Thank you for your time and your help. When I am an international blogging sensation, I won’t forget all of you little people who helped me through the early days. 😉


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