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Recipe for Remedy October 28, 2008

I should have known when I woke up this morning and it looked more like 5am outside than it did 7am that it was going to be one of those days

You know what I am talking about. Those days that while there are no major catastrophes, you find yourself in a constant sequence of annoyances. The frustration builds and builds and builds until you get the one straw that breaks your back, and you throw your hands up to the sky, finally admitting to yourself, “I am having a bad day, and now the world better look out“.

This was my day. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it was just one irritation after another, until I finally had it. My umbrella blowing inside out, dropping things in the most inopportune places, not being able to find anything when I look for it, wet feet, uncooperative people, pains jutting from my uterus, broken cigarettes, demanding supervisors when I have 499 other things I need to be doing… Ok, so maybe I bored you with a few of the details, but it all paints the picture. I decided serious intervention was needed when I found myself dropping the MF-Bomb at the zipper on my jacket when it snagged my scarf.

After getting stuck at work an extra 45 mins for no reason, I walked home grumbling under my breath at the raw and blustery rain.  That was when I decided “when the going gets tough, the tough make soup”. I have a scrumpdeliumptious recipe for minestrone soup, and I figured there was no better day to make it. That’s what cold, windy and rainy days were made for. Luckily, I had already bought all the ingredients some time ago, but just never had the time to make it. I dropped my work bag at the top of the stairs, put on the most comfy clothes I could find, rolled up my sleeves, and went to work.

Side bar: While making the soup I came to the realization that the things I am good at cooking are the ones that basically cook themselves; like soup or chili. I do a kick-ass job at rooting through the fridge to find whatever might go well together, chopping it up, throwing it in a pot, adding the right seasoning, and waiting. But seriously, I can cook the crap outta some crock-pottery cuisine. End side bar

While waiting for the soup to cook, I did my favorite time killer relaxant- internetting. I found some new music that was just perfect for sucky days such as this. Music that made my heart feel good. Maybe the lyrics had nothing to do with bad days themselves, but the orchestration touched my soul. 

Now that I sit here under a warm blanket, with contented ears and a full belly, I will share with you my Recipe for Remedy. Mind you, I’m still popping ibuprofen like it’s legal crack, and I have a kitchen full of cleanup beckoning me from the other room, but at least these few and simple things reminded me that, yes, life can be good- even if today might blow.

Eat your heart out folks:


Yummy, noodley, colorful goodness

Yummy, noodley, colorful happiness

Minestrone Soup:

 3 cups chicken stock

28oz can diced tomatoes

15oz can cannellini beans

2 carrots, peeled and chopped

1 celery stock chopped

1 onion chopped

salt, pepper and seasons of your choice

2 cups cooked ditalini pasta

1 medium zucchini

2 cups chopped spinach, fresh or frozen

In a slow cooker or pot, combine broth, tomatoes, beans, carrots, celery onion, and seasoning. Cover and cook in slow cooker on low 6-8 hrs, or high 3-4 hrs, or on the stove top at least 2 hrs. Thirty minutes before soup is done cooking add ditalini, zucchini and spinach. Cover and cook for 30 more mins. Serve with Parmesan cheese.

And yes, I did make the lovely and delicious soup in the photo to your left. Best part? Since its full of good-for-you veggies, its good for the body and the the soul!


And now for your listing pleasure: (In no particular order)

I suggest you top all this off with a warm, candle lit bath, and a piece of chocolate.

That’s my plan, anyway.


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