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Word and Quote of the Day October 31, 2008

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-to appease or pacify, esp. by concessions or conciliatory gesture 

-make (someoneless angry or hostile

How I observed this word:

I was at work, and I happened to walk past as one of my staff were asking the psychiatrist if he would be willing to see one of our program members who was complaining of difficulties sleeping. I butted in, noting that the Doc had just seen this guy 3 days ago, and had changed his meds to help rectify the situation. My staff responded, “I know, but would you be willing to sneak him in, just to placate him?”


“You’re like a little whirlwind”


Yesterday, a very special person ever so kindly picked up my apartment for me. On the phone today they asked me if it was still nicely kept. I said, “well… the bed is still made”, and laughed. We got into a discussion that my apartment isn’t dirty per se, but that I just tend to come through, leave my stuff all over the place, and dash back out. I noted I will clean up, but then get frustrated because a few hours later my things are already scattered around again. I trumped the discussion by saying, “It’s my apartment, and it’s my mess, so it really doesn’t matter”.

I really liked the mental imagery of this description.


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