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GOTV Day 2 November 3, 2008

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Sunday, Nov 2

aka The Day of the Paper Cut

Today was another productive day on the campaign. This time our focus was getting door hangers with the location of each person’s polling place on as many doors as possible. This meant we handled a TON of papers, and it was not without it’s injuries. Many injuries, in fact. 

We had to separate and organize literally thousands of door hangers, which were all somehow had edges sharp as razors. Within the first half hour of arranging the mass of hangers, each and every one of us has no less than three paper cuts. Blood got on the hangers, we all cursed, and we all had Band-Aids on a few fingers. I can now say I have officially given Obama my blood and sweat. I am hoping he won’t get any of my tears. I would also like to note that after showering this evening, upon closer inspection I have something closer to 20 cuts altogether on both hands. They were just so small I didn’t feel them and they didn’t bleed.

I had a realization today. At this point I am so completely goal focused that day and time no longer exist. The sun goes up and down, the earth continues it’s cycles, and I just know what I have to do and I keep moving forward towards the end goal.

Today was less hectic, but turns out we broke some records. Here are some highlights:

-Today over 8700 homes were notified of their polling location from our 326 South Street location ALONE

-In PA overall, we broke an all time campaign record; over 1.5 million doors knocked statewide in one day

-My special friend stopped by to bring me some lunch. He may not support my cause, but he supports me. That means a lot.

-Just before closing, we had a special visitor. You’ll see him in the pics below


Death by a thousand tiny cuts

Death by a thousand tiny cuts


10am canvass shift

10am canvass shift














Stickering like we never stickered before

Stickering like we've never stickered before


Team Love

Team Love











What Up, Canvass Coordinators!

What Up, Canvass Coordinators!


Our special late nite guest

Our special late nite guest


One Response to “GOTV Day 2”

  1. Mommy G Says:

    He did it!!!
    And you helped!!!

    And ya gotta love the “Moose for Obama!”

    Looks like Philly’s the place to be. Mind if I come spend an overnite?

    Love ya,
    Mommy G

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