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Dedicated to my friends November 15, 2008

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I am about to make the lamest statement in the world, but here it goes:


I’m not going to go into the long back story about why I’m making that statement, but I will say that after a few years of living in this city and not really having anyone I considered a friend (with the exception of the lovely Miss T.F.), I can now say I have got me some. And they are pretty awesome people. We have common interests. We do things together. They invite me to stuff. We have a good time together. 

And I just found out that some of them are regular readers of this blog. You guys rock!

The following is just for you:

T: Thanks for letting me know not all the music that I listen to sucks. In dedication to that, I am listening to it right now. I heart me some banjo.

J: The dead economist’s party was not what I expected. Thanks for the experience!

hp_scands_8111514431121K: This is that thing I was telling you about last nite with the bug and unrelated stories. I feel the need to add that my handwriting is not that bad; it was quickly jotted down so I didn’t lose my manic train of thoughts as they were spewing from my head. It was a great idea, shame I never wrote it.

I still want to take you up on that cup of coffee to discuss and edit. Let me know when you want to meet up. And in the meantime, I’ll work on building up the “want”.

Philosophical Revelation:

I have learned that you will not bring anyone into your life until you are ok with yourself first. Not that I wasn’t ok with myself before, but over the last several months I have put a lot of effort into figuring myself out and becoming secure in who I am. I put my energies into doing things for ME and pursuing my own personal interests. With that came many, many great things, including some most excellent new friends. 

PS: I wish this blog post was a little better put together. While my body feels ok today, my mind is in a bit of a hungover state. But, whatever, here you have it. Tómelo o déjelo.


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