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Let it snow! December 8, 2008

Filed under: Simple Pleasures — Messie Jessie @ 6:53 pm
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In case you haven’t noticed, Jack Frost has made his way to the East Coast. And it looks as if he has settled in and has no plans of leaving any time soon.

If you know me, then you know how I feel about the bitter old man that he his. However, I have come to terms with the fact that he is unavoidable; unless, of course, you move to Costa Rica from November to May. We don’t know anyone who did that, now do we? But seriously, since he’s a fact of life if you live in the Humid Subtropical Climate Zone, or any of the other sinic climate zones, we must accept that he will pay a visit each year.

While I loathe this Jack Frost gent, I must embrace his presence, and therefore I have decided to celebrate his inauguration this year by making it snow on my blog! (I must give credit where credit is due and give thanks to the admins at WordPress who allow this option on blogs. In essence, I am not creative nor unique. I merely checked off a box in my personal options.)

So, bundle up, let it snow… and pray for an early spring!


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