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Word of the day December 21, 2008

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1. a harshtempered or overbearing woman

2. a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman

How I encountered this word:

While kicking some butt playing Scattergories, the BF and I used the same word for Language beginning with the letter P- Portuguese. He insisted that he get a point for it, claiming it his right due to his partial blood lineage. I refuted the point, reminding him that the rules clearly state you cannot get credit for words another person used- no matter where your last name originated from. He jokingly stated, “you are quite the termagant tonight”, and gave himself a point for the word anyway. On the tally sheet I made notation of the point to be deducted from his final score, and made mental note that my boyfriend is a sore loser. 


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