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On letting go, and letting in December 31, 2008

Before I start, I wanted to share this version of Auld Lang Syne with you all. It is by far the most beautiful rendition I have ever heard, and thought the air of the song goes in perfect conjunction with my thoughts inked below. Enjoy!



2008 was a really rough year for me personally. While some really great things happened, it was also full of some really aweful things. I set high aspirations and achieved great goals, but also had to face tough challenges and obstacles. 

My lesson in the last year has been “learning how to let go and let in”. Early last year I wrote a blog on Myspace about the first robin I saw of 2008 (click here to read that blog entry). I knew that this year was going to be an uphill climb. I knew that in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve, be who I wanted to be, and live the life I wanted to live, I would have a lot of work ahead of me. I prepared for these tasks, and ultimately attained what I set out to do. In the end, the returns were more than I ever expected. But that doesn’t mean new challenges didn’t present themselves -either by direct or indirect relation- and it doesn’t mean I wasn’t mentally/physically/emotionally exhausted on many occasions. In some ways I’m still walking up that same hill, and in others I’ve taken on a new hill; but it is all with a purpose and destination in mind.

I’ve been reflecting on the last year a lot over the past few weeks. My thoughts on it have come down to, “Good riddance to 2008 and welcome 2009”. Generally, I get a bit sentimental about the passing of the old year, so this mindset is somewhat novel to me.  Saying goodbye to 2008 means more to me than a flip of a page or a new number on a sheet of paper this year. What I’m really saying is I’m finally ready to let go of that chapter of my life; the chapter I had been working so hard to get away and move on from this year. I’m ready to embrace what’s next, and let in my next grand adventure. The rebuilding phase is now over, and the living phase can finally start. And it’s not because of the new year I finally feel this way, it’s because of me- and that’s really empowering. The new year is merely a tangible marker of an awakening to a conceptual change. 

When I finally file 2008 away in the old memory bank, I will label it as “the year I worked really hard for what I wanted, but learned that anything is possible”. It is my wish for all reading this that at some point in your life you find your own way to this truth; because, truly, anything is possible. While it will never be an easy road, it is one of the most rewarding and freeing life lessons you will ever experience.

So, tonight when we collectively bid a farewell (in my case, not so fond) to 2008, I will embrace 2009 with open arms. It will be the moment when I shed the old, and emerge in a beautiful and radiant new skin. I look forward to the new year, and the next lesson(s) it will bring.


5 Responses to “On letting go, and letting in”

  1. syinly Says:

    Like you I am glad to see 2008 go, it was not what I expected.

  2. Well then, I hope 2009 is full of positive events, and brings you much more than you ever expected!

  3. mikewalzman Says:

    I really liked your reflection of the year cause I could relate a lot to it. (the song also made it more emotional, ha) Anyways, your so right, anything is possible and I’m glad you learned that and are sharing that with the world. It’s important for people to hear. I know I needed to hear at some point to keep moving. I wish you all the best on your journey and have a great new years!

  4. Thanks! Peeking at your blog, I can see you too have had similar experiences. Best to you in 2009 as well!

  5. Gray Says:

    Hi Jessie. Well said. It is good when we can realize how much we have grown and that all good things come with time, patience and a bit of effort on our part. (even though it is not always easy to accept and wait for). I am talking about myself mainly 🙂

    I too get sad with the year passing, especially as the boys are growing so quickly. But we too are looking forward to what 2009 brings. And we hope it bring some nice time to spend with our Aunt Jessie this summer.
    hugs and Kisses

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