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Perhaps the ugliest thing ever January 14, 2009

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Last September, I was on my way to the grocery store, minding my own business as I passed my neighborhood “hipster hangout” corner. (If you don’t know what a Hipster is click here. The Hipster culture is alive and thriving in Philly). I saw three young folks standing outside a cafe, but paid no mind to their juvenile twaddle. As I strode by, my eyes fell upon the ugliest shoes I had ever seen in my life. They were so bad I literally did a double-take.

I had wanted to post a blog entry on these shoes ever since. Yet, I felt as if I couldn’t ever find the words to accurately describe the horrendousness, and needed a photo to accompany. 

Since that day, I have been searching Google Images for pictures of said shoes. I’ve tried every combination of words I thought possible to summon these shoes’ likeness, but I had no avail. This quest created some sort of monster, and now in my downtime I like to type in “ugly shoes” and see what disasters pop up. Today I did just that, and browsed through the pages.

My search has come to an end… I have finally found a nearly identical facsimile:



Are these not some of the ugliest shoes you have ever seen?

Are these not some of the ugliest shoes you have ever seen?

I don’t know what it is with fashion this year, but the open toe boot thing needs to go.

And someone should tell fashion designers ankle boots and flip-flops do not make aesthetically pleasing portmanteaus. Apparently, this style is called the Bootie Sandal. I call it Ugly on a Foot.



P.S. If you are looking to kill some time on the internet, try typing “ugly shoes” into Google images. I promise it is a good time. Just beware, for it can be addicting.


3 Responses to “Perhaps the ugliest thing ever”

  1. Leo Says:

    Yes you are right.

  2. Mommy G Says:

    I’m wondering how you wear them.
    What happens when you stand up?
    Footware for the lounging couch potato, I guess.

  3. Perhaps the following links will provide some further insight into the functionality of these shoes, as well as various angles:

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