Snapshots of a… Crazy Kinda Life

The Misadventures of Messie Jessie

Life: taking pleasure in the small things February 3, 2009

snow_flake_12Yesterday I was feeling oh-so-stressed about my job. I wrote this long blog draft about how for the first time in my life I was being an overachiever and about how the self-imposed stress was taking it’s toll. In the end, the draft never made it past the cutting room floor, as I couldn’t muster enough energy in my soul to bring it to finalization.

Today, the stress remains, but just 20 mins ago I chose to change my focus. Years from now, will it matter that I have 60 charts to audit in less than two weeks, or that on top of this my bosses keep asking me to do more and more, or that I am holding myself to unrealistic expectations? No, it won’t matter.

Rather, I am choosing to focus on the moment of genuine laughter shared with co-workers, the fax going through on the first try, the decision to turn off the headphones and instead listen to how the snow muffles the city’s din, whilst watching the flakes flutter through the air and feeling them as they melt upon my rosy cheeks.

Tomorrow, I can again resume my work-related woes, but for today these are the things I choose to remember. These are the things that make me happy.


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