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Little plant, big city February 5, 2009

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Plant wishes to wander, but waits behind

Plant wishes to wander, but waits behind


Say hello to my new friend: His name is Plant. He is the newest addition to my office at work.

I cut him off a larger spider plant in my apartment and took him into work. Initially, I took him in just to add some “life” to my office. Lord knows I spend enough time in there. But now, the little bugger is growing on me.

It started earlier today when one of my staff noticed that every time he comes into my office spouting negativity I point out the plant. I thought this was humorous as I hadn’t noticed, yet have done it several times now. He calls the plant my “negativity deferrer”.

Throughout the day I noticed I kept looking at the little guy, as he sat in the window. He looks as though he is longingly peering out at the world below. I feel as if I were quiet enough, I may just be able to hear him sigh with a yearning to venture beyond the window. I suppose he and I are kindred spirits that way- I, too, would like to journey to the other side, the outside world, most days.

To note: In psychology, we call this transference. It is I who feel this way, and I see it within the plant; whether it truly exists or not (and in this case, we know the plant does not really feel this way). 

But either way, I still think he exhibits a bit of personality. Can’t you see it in the picture?


One Response to “Little plant, big city”

  1. Leo Says:

    Advice for plant:
    -Stay freen to the world it, will keep you young.
    -As long as you stick to your roots, things will be ok
    -No matter how dark the night gets, the sun will come out tomorrow.
    -When things get tough, don’t move, just stay there and breath, it will be over soon.

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