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Warm the belly, warm the soul February 5, 2009

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I call it Comfort Food, Homestyle

I call it "Comfort Food: Homestyle"


By now, I think my love of making homemade soup is evident.

Well, today was another late day at work (remember those endless chart audits, anyone?), and I just wanted something quick and easy for dinner. Since I had already had pizza for the third time this week -because pizza is the epitome of quick and easy- I wanted something a little more… wholesome.

I searched through my (bare) cupboards, and found a packet of noodle soup mix. “Hmmm, I can work with this,” I thought to myself. In the fridge I found some carrots and spinach, the perfect additions to a little noodle soup. I also found the ingredients for a grilled cheese and turkey bacon sandwich.

In about 15 mins, the whole  shebang was ready for plating. Viola! The perfect dinner for a cold evening, and a single gal. (And some leftovers for lunch tomorrow; the added bonus)

Now that what you see in the photo to your left is comfortably resting in my belly, I am ready to enjoy a peaceful night watching TV and spending some quality time with my cat.

I sound so exciting, don’t I?


One Response to “Warm the belly, warm the soul”

  1. Mommy G Says:

    Glad you had a comforting meal, and that you found a use for Rescue Santa’s gift. 🙂

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