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Fruity goodness February 12, 2009

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I’ve always been a “salty” treat kinda gal. I always tended to pick foods such as chips or fries or cheese, over the “sweet” treat options. And rarely did I ever touch a piece of fruit. But then this summer something changed.

It all started with gummy worms. They were on sale at the local Acme, so I bought a pack- and it was gone in less than 2 days. Then I bought more. Gone again. Then the sweet-need transferred slowly over a gamut of other treats; first candy bars, then caramel cremes, then on to bigger and better items such as cakes, pies and pastries. My sugar obsession became a zeitgeist. I couldn’t stop.

A month or so ago, I decided my sweet cravings were out of control and I needed to do something about it. But what would satisfy my craving, and also be a healthier choice? The answer was simple- fruit. I started with mainly apples and bananas at first, but then branched out to grapes, pineapples or dried fruits. It was the perfect transition choice. It is an acceptable addiction.

Yesterday, on my latest supermarket expedition I decided I was going to get the goods to make one of my favorite foods: The Smoothie. 

I have a super simple recipe, and you can make it in about 2 mins, flat. All you need is the fruit of your choice, vanilla yogurt and a blender. For one person, put about a cup of yogurt, and about 2 cups of cut up fruit (saving one cut up piece for later) in the blender. Use the “blend” setting, stopping when it all looks nice and blended (hence, using the “blend” setting). Pour in a fashionable glass, and top with the piece of fruit you set to the side earlier. You’re now all set to enjoy a pretty and sweet snack, as well as your daily allowance of delicious fruits!

In the smoothie pictured here, I used blueberries, banana, orange and strawberry (the pineapple will be used in a future, and equally mouthwatering, smoothie). Yum!


One Response to “Fruity goodness”

  1. Mommy G Says:

    Good to see your snacking heathy!
    Hey, was it a windy in Philly the other day? I thought about you walking to work.

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