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The (subconscious) art of forgetting February 14, 2009

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Why is it that when you find yourself reminded of people and relationships gone by; no matter how horrible, how egregious, how wronged you were; you somehow seem to focus solely on the pleasant memories? The memories that leave you wondering how it all went so terribly wrong.

You force yourself to recall the times when you were so disgusted you wanted to retch, and you are brought back to that strange and visceral place you had managed to navigate away from so many moons ago.

My point is, no matter how cunningly your subconscious hides reality from you, you must remember in actuality. The good may have been good, but the bad was just as bad. You are living proof of the truth.


2 Responses to “The (subconscious) art of forgetting”

  1. thatchickfrombk Says:

    Yeah, sometimes its a MUST to remember the bad because if not, you’ll always be sucked in by the good. Does this make sense? LOL.

  2. Perfect sense. 🙂

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