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Blogcast: Singin’ for snow March 1, 2009

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When I said earlier that I would be posting something new soon, this was not what I had in mind. However, after many, many conversations today about the imminent Nor’easter, I had snow on the brain. 

A little tiddly-bit of info about me is that I play the guitar. I don’t play well, and chances are I will never play in front of you. I have this weird thing about playing- and even moreso, singing- in front of anyone. One living being that I will play for is my cat. He’s nonjudgemental and I don’t think he’s even really listening half the time.

There must be something about writing songs about snow that’s in my genes. In ’93 we experienced a full on blizzard, and while stranded in the house my mom and I wrote a song about it. If memory serves me correct (and I believe that it does) the hook went a little something like this: “The blizzard of ’93/ it was the storm of the century/ Hundreds of people died/ shoveling snow outside/ Luckily none of them was me“.

Today I was sitting around, strumming away, and out popped this little ditty. I scribbled down some lines, and in the end thought it was quite catchy. Then suddenly, I felt compelled to… record myself. And now, for reasons that are beyond me, I am sharing this with the world.

It’s a simple song, played in the most undemanding of blues progressions in E. So, here we go… my premier (and most likely last) performance:

P.S. In case you are wondering; yes, the hair the constantly falls in my face is annoying. I’m just used to it at this point.


6 Responses to “Blogcast: Singin’ for snow”

  1. katie Says:

    I love your smile at the end after the woo, wooo, wooo snoww. yay.

    I miss you so much.

    Love you

  2. Mommy G Says:

    I am so proud!
    We got a snow day. Did you?

    Heard it was Code Blue in Philly
    Hope you’re warm on the couch
    Not chilly
    Walking to work on a snowy street
    Hope you’re safe at home
    Kicking up some feet.

    Love ya!

  3. We did, we did get a snow day!!!!!! HOORAY!
    So my thinking is, now I’ll have to write a song every time I want a snow day.

  4. Mommy G Says:

    Yay, for the Snow Day!
    Keep writing those tunes.
    As I’ve always said – songs are prayers. Looks like your’s was answered.

  5. Nik Says:

    WOW…I have known you for a while and never heard you sing or play the guitar….at least not that I can remember. That was fun and you have talent! Maybe you’ll get a big contract from it.

  6. Hahahaa, thanks Nikki! I won’t hold my breath on the big contract, but I’m glad you liked it!!

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