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Blogcast: The Blooper Reel April 9, 2009

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If you’re a fan of Idol, then you’ll get this in the much larger picture. If you are not, hang in there; it’ll still make sense.

I’ve had the song Mad World (originally by Tears for Fears) stuck in my head since about, oh… Tuesday. I’ve always loved the song, and was inspired to learn how to play it on the guitar. After a few nights of practice, I felt ready to take it to the next level: recording myself. Now, I had no intention of sharing it with anyone, and it was more about hearing what I sounded like than publishing anything. Unfortunately, I didn’t rock it nearly as well as I had hoped, and upon reviewing the several takes I realized the real gems were the moments between the singing and the strumming. I didn’t realize I was so funny when sitting around amusing myself. 

Thanks to the magic of movie editing software, I plucked out all the “in-betweens” and pasted them together into a lovely little montage. The following is what ensues when you have too much time on your hands:


One Response to “Blogcast: The Blooper Reel”

  1. James Says:

    You, madame, are a dork.

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