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Breathe. April 22, 2009

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breatheI apologize for my blogging absence.

Once again, we are preparing for another inspection at my wonderful place of employment. These seemingly never-ending inspections have drained me of any deep thought, introspective wisdom, or quick witted quips. 

After working 10+ hours (with no break) nearly every day, by the time I trudge home I find it difficult to muster the energy to do just about anything. If food finds its way into my mouth, and my hair somehow gets clean, I consider myself lucky.

All these inspections are normal in my line of work; it just so happens the entities-that-be unknowingly scheduled themselves back to back. While looking over charts with my boss today, he said to me, “Don’t you feel like you’ve been preparing for inspection for the last six months of your life”?

I looked at him, with weary eyes, responding, “Well, we’ve been at this for 4 months straight, so yes. And quite frankly, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself when this is all over.”

However, we are now approaching the finish line. The charts go out tomorrow, with Big Brother arriving Monday to begin their three day stint. It’s the final countdown here folks, so keep checking in for more posts in the near future.


2 Responses to “Breathe.”

  1. Momma G Says:

    and you want a dog?

  2. Hey, hey, hey now. You’re point is made, now get off my back about it.
    (Said with the utmost love, of course)

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