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Spread the love April 27, 2009

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Simple Souvenirs

Life-Is-Good Souvenirs

Gosh darn it, life is good.

I wanted to write all the events in which are making my life so good right now, and how full of general love the last several days have been, but I’ve been so busy getting out there and living life, that instead I will leave you with this:

I encourage you all to go out there and spread the love in as many of the following ways as possible: 

  • Surround yourself with as many friends as possible, as often as possible. And make it clear how much they mean to you.
  • Call up your old friends and invite them for a visit. If they can’t visit, be sure to fully catch up on the phone. Vow to keep in touch more regularly.
  • Enjoy an exquisite meal, spiced with the tastiest laughter you can find
  • Spend some quality time in the sun (and wear sunscreen)
  • Head out to your local animal shelter(s) and play with as many critters in need as possible
  • If you aren’t already, get yourself in the habit of doing a little extra physical activity each day, in whatever way you enjoy most
  • Turn off your air conditioner and enjoy the gift that is this warm air (I know you were all wishing for it a mere few weeks ago)
  • And if you cannot manage any of the above, at least DO THIS- Say to at least 10 people in the next 72 hours these exact words, “you are beautiful“. And you get extra credit for telling a complete stranger- it will show on their faces how much it means (more than you can imagine right now sitting in front of your computer). I’m telling you from experience.

Love is the very fabric of the universe.

Laugh often, love much & live well.


One Response to “Spread the love”

  1. Melissa Says:

    love love lovin it!

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