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Actualization of the inner Zen Master May 14, 2009

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happy_face_It’s something I have been working on for some time now. It’s something that takes practice, and effort, and a heckuva lotta “I” statements. It’s something I have struggled to attain, and when I am finally able to grasp it I clench my white knuckled fists around it so tightly that it can’t slip away under the constant erosion.

It’s what I call Being the Zen Master.

There is a certain sector of my life in which has been under the influence of perpetual “drama”, despite my attempts to pacify all parties involved. I frequently find myself the object of said “drama”, although I have not been the source nor the catalyst. I remain a neutral figurehead amongst the chaos, although admittedly, it is not always easy when others feverishly tug at your cloak and provoke you in an attempt to reel you in.

I have finally materialized my inner Zen Master. In the past days, while those around me are yelling, angry and making direct accusations to my character, I have been able to hold my head high, acknowledge their complaints with respect and dignity, whilst still making my point clear. I put up a barrier to all attempts at being drawn in to an emotional battle, where no one can possibly come out triumphant. 

At first I thought my attempts at Zen-Mastering were all for naught- nothing but continued failed attempts. Then today the epiphany hit: the “drama” is increasing because my techniques are working. I am experiencing resistance because these are the last futile attempts of a losing soldier’s battle. We are now approaching a cross road, where the origin of the drama either chooses to acquiesce or remove thyself from the situation all together.

Immeasurable strength can be found within the calm and happy center of your own personal universe. While the opposition may win a few battles, the Zen Master always wins the war.


3 Responses to “Actualization of the inner Zen Master”

  1. Momma G Says:


  2. Melissa Says:

    Next stop enlightenment! lol It’s a good feeling to truly harness ur chi! Go head girl, im proud of u!!

  3. Sadly, the Zen Master disappeared on me today. I took the day off to find her again. I have a feeling the search may have to extend to tomorrow.

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