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Saturday Morning Think Tank May 23, 2009

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KeeperI never thought I would say this, but my favorite time of day is morning. I treasure the weekend mornings where I wake at my own pace, sip my coffee, and do as I please.

As pictured above, I have my “morning station”, which seems to be where all my crap gathers; all my latest idées fixes within an arms reach. This is where and when my most greatest inspirations are birthed.

I guess what makes this time and space so dear is that I know this quiet solitude with myself cannot last forever. Already, I hear the buzz upon the streets through my open windows. I know that it is time to get myself together, and move on with my day. 

With that, I will enjoy these last few moments in the “think tank” before dressing and hygiene-ating, then calling friends to settle our plans.

May you all have that singular time and place where you too find your inner peace.


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