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Blogcast: It’s a Twofer Treat! July 22, 2009

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We all like to double our pleasure once in a while, which is why Double Mint gum is so darn popular. Since it’s been a while, I thought I would share some of my latest musical stylings. Enjoy!



And by special request from the most adorable nephews ever. I’m told the 2 year old say’s “more zippy”! Who can resist such cuteness?


3 Responses to “Blogcast: It’s a Twofer Treat!”

  1. Momma G Says:

    That was you favorite song when you were a kid, too!

  2. I know! I taught it to them when we were at the shore 🙂

  3. Leo Says:

    I think we all would enjoy a nice slice of comfort…

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