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Word of the Day July 24, 2009

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  • Merely touching or slightly connected
  • Superficially relevant
  • Digressive

How I encountered this word:

A friend of mine went on a few dates with this guy, which she admitted were somewhat awkward (but what first few dates aren’t?). The last time they had a date guy invited her to his house and he cooked her dinner; which for all you men out there, sends us ladies the signal that you really dig us. They made a little kissy-face, and before she departed for the evening guy said he would email her to plan a next date. That was nearing six weeks ago. No email, no call, no nothing. It was almost as if guy had been forced into the witness protection program, never to be heard from again.

Today she calls me to report that in a response a recent facebook status update about a change in her employment, guy adds a random comment that says, “Oh my. But this sounds good, so yay”! Her response (to me): “Seriously, what a tangential way to make a come back in someone’s life after all this time. Why even bother?” Her response (to him): A message simply stating “Dude, what the hell happened to you?” Classic.


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