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Dear Blog, August 19, 2009

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Notice, the author is a lefty

Notice, the author is a lefty

As I sit here, relishing a few bites of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked frozen yogurt and doing my best to tune out the mindless banter that is prime time network television, I can’t help but sit here and think of you.

I wonder if you are lonely. I wonder if you sit in restless anticipation of the next time I will drop by, tracing the edges of your white, rounded posts with the litter of my thoughts and words. I wonder if you grow tired of regaling the same stories over and over again to the loyal folks that stop by to visit you every day, while I seem to ignore your presence and give you nothing further to share with them.

I promise you that I have not forgotten about or deserted you, dearest blog.

Our love was becoming a troubled love; our relationship was headed in a direction I no longer saw as productive.  No longer were our deep, introspective exchanges and witty social observations. We were becoming boring, dear blog. 

Over the last few months I made attempts to revive what had originally brought us together. When our disquisitions were good they were good, and we shared them with the world; but when they were bad we as acted as any couple should- we worked out our problems away from the eyes of the world. Our friends did not see the hardships we faced, and were not aware of the number of times we had to agree to disagree on what topics of conversation were worth sharing with our audience.

I had to make a difficult decision, but one that I think has been for the best for everyone, and will ultimately bring us back to our original purpose and splendor. I decided we needed to take a break. 

Oh my beloved blog, I hope that you can appreciate what I have done to save what we had together. I promise I have not abandoned you, and will continue to tickle your pages with my presence. But what we are attempting takes time and work. Perhaps merely the fact that I now make my concerns public will put us back on the right path. I believe it already has.

I apologize for my vacillating attention without explanation. At the risk of sounding cliche, it wasn’t you, darling blog, it was me. I was not gone, only reevaluating. I feel optimistic that we will not only return to what we once were, but that we will become what we were always meant to be. And I feel optimistic that that time is near.

Until then,



6 Responses to “Dear Blog,”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Jess……..o Jess

  2. Momma G Says:

    Saw “Julia & Julie” last night. Good, but not great movie. It did shine a light on blogging and I thought of you. Now, work it out and get blogging!

  3. Leo Says:

    I think your blog knows you found something else to preoccupy your time…

  4. Melissa Says:

    Sooooo, do you think it accepted your apology??? It may not believe you…..

  5. We’re still hashing it out. Sometimes working out problems aren’t always as easy as one may think. 😉

  6. […] I clearly remember the day I gave up on the blog. After frustratingly pulling together this weird and esoteric post in which I paralleled myself to Anne Boleyn and her ultimate downfall, I trashed the whole thing, and instead wrote a “see you later” letter to my blog, Dear Blog. […]

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