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WWJessD? December 7, 2010

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Test your knowledge: How well do you know Messie Jessie?


Which do you think is the scenario that actually happened?


Scenario One: “I would really like to partake in some of those delicious chocolate covered almonds I have in my kitchen. I also have to take out my garbage. Even though I don’t feel like doing so in this particular moment, perhaps I shall first take out the garbage, then reward myself with a handful of chocolate.”

Scenario Two: “Ugh. My tummy hurts. I can’t believe I ate that entire bag of chocolate covered almonds…. Dang it! And I forgot to take out the trash again this week! Argh.”


Here’s a clue:



I totally took out the trash.

Then I ate the whole bag of chocolate covered almonds.


2 Responses to “WWJessD?”

  1. Mama G Says:

    oh my – you really are maturing! And thanks for the reminder. I better get that trash together….bye, bye Thanksgiving.

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