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The Misadventures of Messie Jessie

Me Smart May 8, 2011

I recently had a conversation with a friend about my dreams for this blog. It went pretty much exactly as follows:

Me: I have this fantasy that I could make money from writing my blog. Then I could do whatever I wanted, be where ever I wanted, and still make a living for myself. I want that kind of freedom. The problem is, I just don’t seem to have enough regular readers/traffic/subscribers to make it happen.

Him: Well, your blog is a little too… how should I say…. too smart for most people out there.


In an effort to gain more readership, I have crafted the following prose:

I like cottage cheese a lot. I like it because it tastes good. When I eat it, it makes my tummy happy. My tummy is happy because I ate cottage cheese.

Let the readers roll in en masse.


(P.S. What’s the moral of this story?: Unless you want to keep reading dribble such as the above… READ, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, RECOMMEND!)


3 Responses to “Me Smart”

  1. Mama G Says:

    🙂 Cottage cheese? Never knew!

  2. Mama G Says:

    But I knew you smart!

  3. […] pretty much using the same 3 words over and over again, I’m totally going to refer you to THIS post (<– click there. Or here. It pretty much takes you to the same place. Actually, …. It will pretty much make sense after you read […]

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