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Oh my, it’s totally Thai! June 2, 2011

It’s been a while since I blogged about food. Twas May 9th, 2009 to be exact, when I wrote a lovely little post about two awesome lentil soup recipes I concocted.

(Which, incidentally, is how someone found my blog by using the search term “recipe for foot bath using Ramen seasoning.” Confused? See the post below)

Then today, something magical happened. I bought a rice cooker.

Sad but true: I’m not domestic in the least. I live a bachelorette lifestyle. I don’t wash my dishes until my sink fills up and starts to smell like… well, decomposing food. If I run out of clean dishes before that time, I’ll just eat out of my Gladware. When I go to the grocery store my list typically consists of seltzer water, cucumbers, greek yogurt, cereal, bananas, half & half and cottage cheese. My fridge has more condiments than any real food-stuffs, which means I don’t really cook all that often.

Today I realized I hadn’t cooked myself a real meal in over a month.

That’s when a co-worker suggested I look into a rice cooker. I was intrigued when they said all I have to is put the rice and water in and it does the rest automatically. I was sold when they told me I could also use it as a slow cooker.

After work I headed over to the local Vietnamese grocery store to pick one up. While I was there I grabbed a few other items of interest, although I had no idea what the heck I was going to do with them.

Truth be told, I never feel so lost in the world as when I walk through the aisles of that joint; I have no idea what anything is. Except the cow uterus (yes, they really sell that).

I walked out $50 lighter and armed with a rice cooker, tofu (which, I’ve only eaten about three times in my life and had absolutely no idea how to cook), roasted sesame seeds and a can of tom kha gai soup.

A funny thing happens when I decide to cook: I never follow a recipe and yet somehow it comes out ah-mazing. Maybe I should look into that. Or, at least, cook a little more.

Regardless, the result was my 100% original Teriyaki & Ginger Tofu with Tom Kha Gai Rice.

Money Shot

Wanna know how to take this masterpiece for yourself? It’s super easy:

You’ll need:

-Tofu, marinaded in teriyaki sauce for about 30 mins; cut in the shape of your preference


-Canned tom kha gai soup

-Ginger root, grated (the more the better)

-A dash of soy sauce

-Sesame seeds

All you gotsta do:

For the rice, use a ratio of 1 1/3 cups tom kha gai for every cup of rice. Throw it in the rice cooker and BAM! Let that rice cooker do it’s thang.

For the tofu, after it’s marinaded, put it in a skillet that’s been preheating on med-high heat. Throw a quick once-round of soy sauce in the skillet, then sprinkle the ginger root on top. Let it cook for 5 – 8 mins on either side- it will get a nice brown skin on the bottom when it’s ready for flipping.

When everything is good and ready, plate and shower with sesame seeds.

The tofu has that teriyaki taste with a slight ginger undertone, which intensifies on the exhale. The rice has a light coconut flavor and a good old fashioned slow-burn. It’s the kind of heat that’s warming at first, but 5 minutes later has you discretely blowing your nose in your (hopefully paper) napkin.

You know this sounds delicious, so go ahead and try it.


When you and/or your loved ones are marveling over this meal, don’t forget where you got it from.

Credit for this recipe will be accepted in the form of comments, subscriptions and recommendations. *wink!*


2 Responses to “Oh my, it’s totally Thai!”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I love this! I will definitely try it this week.

    You have completely inspired me to start my own blog. I’ve always kept my writing somewhat private. I respect how you put your thoughts out there. Keep up the entertaining and insightful writing!

  2. OMG Tiffany, I’m absolutely in love with you, and yet, I don’t even know you. Thank you!!!!

    And yes, blogging is not only fun, but cathartic. I highly recommend it. (And I would totally subscribe to your blog!)

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