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I Think My Dictionary Needs To Get Laid September 13, 2011

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I hide it well, but I’m a terrible speller. I thank the stars above for whomever invented Spell Check. I appreciate those little red dots under my misspelled words- it really helps a sista out. (Although, in truth, Spell Check is both a blessing and a curse. My words are always spelled correctly, but if you asked, I’d have no idea how to actually spell them.)

I have this nifty app on my computer called Dictionary. It’s nothing special; it’s pretty much what the name implies. I use it all the time. When I use words I like to know the exact meaning so that I can be sure I’m using it correctly or so I can distort its usage as I please, for poetic license purposes, naturally.

I also enjoy the thesaurus function and probably use that more than the dictionary. In fact, if I had to pick a favorite book of all time, it might just be the thesaurus.

Heck, even just the word “thesaurus” is pretty fantastic on it’s own.

Anyway, back to the spelling part. Dictionary is great because you can start to type a word and it will automatically summon up words that you might be trying to write and list them in case you are lazy and don’t want to keep typing the rest of the letters in the word. The more letters you type, the more accurate it becomes. And, if you’re a terrible speller like me and you totally massacre a word, it will say, “Did you mean…?”

More often than not, yes, I meant that word. Thank you, Dictionary.

Last Sunday, when I was typing up my previous post about bike gurus and gender gaps, I wanted to use the word “double entendre” but I kept spelling it wrong and the lackadaisical spell check function couldn’t make out what I was trying to write (for such an easy word it’s embarrassing, I know). That’s when I turned to my reliable friend, Dictionary.

Below is my pictorial account of what ensued and the mental processes that followed. The image you are about to see is exactly what I saw (minus the commentary, of course):


Dictionary is a pervert.


In case you’re wondering, I kept tally of the number of times I used Dictionary during this blog post. The final count is 8.

I am too ashamed to share the number of times I used Spell Check, but I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the double digits, and one of them is a “2”. (Can you pick the words out? No seriously, try. Then comment on this post with your guesses. It’ll be fun. Right? <– The answer to that question is “yes”.)


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(Update: the final, final count is now 9. I love that darned Dictionary… pervert or not.)


3 Responses to “I Think My Dictionary Needs To Get Laid”

  1. […] the best at spelling them, the dictionary is super helpful. Especially these new fangledsexy computer apps. Like that link says, it is fun to count how many times you checked the dictionary and thesaurus […]

  2. Maia-Jeanne Says:

    What kind of crazy app do you have?!
    I’m guessing after writing “dictionary” so many times you had to look that up.
    And ” commentary”?

  3. It’s not actually any crazy, new-fangled app. It came standard on my Mac. I love it. Used it more times than I can count today alone.

    Thanks again, Steve Jobs.

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