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Random (And Slightly Disturbing) Thought of the Day October 12, 2011

I think a lot of thoughts about a lot of things.

Sometimes they are really smart. Sometimes they are really silly. And sometimes… well, sometimes they are completely random.

So here’s today’s random thought, which occurred earlier today during a moment of pause, now documented for your reading pleasure:

“Our bodies are basically poop factories. Pooping is pretty much the end result of our every bodily function …(thoughtful pause)… Wouldn’t it be weird if an alien race came to earth and our poop was their primary source of fuel? And then they started harvesting us for our poop? They would take the entire human race as their prisoners and we’d be hooked up to these machines that collected our poop all day. They would make pooping the sole purpose of our existence.

Although on the bright side, I’d probably get to eat a lot so it wouldn’t be all bad. … Except they would probably invent and force-feed us this tasteless, goopy, food-like substance that made us poop, like, 10 times our normal amount of daily pooping. And our bodies would grow weary and weak and saggy from the ceaseless pooping but there would be nothing we could do because we’d be shackled to the walls while these aliens stockpiled our poop to fuel their spaceships. Man, that would totally suck.”

After another silent pause, all thoughts of poop promptly vacated my mind and I returned to reading an article about the latest developments in cognitive neuroscience.


Ever have completely random thoughts? Do you, too, fear that aliens will come to earth to harvest our fecal matter?

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One Response to “Random (And Slightly Disturbing) Thought of the Day”

  1. Maia-Jeanne Says:

    Imagine! I think about poop too. With less cognitive neuroscience. Some philosophy sometimes though. I often think about small things, but from every angle and get crazy spinny.

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