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Another Awkward Moment, Compliments of Messie Jessie October 23, 2011

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Friday night, walking home after a trip to Home Depot, thinking about the crapload of reading I would be doing the rest of the night for my class the following morning, sporting a tousled ponytail while covered in a thin layer of grime from renovating my living room, and looking like… well, all of the above, I passed the hipsters enjoying their night on the town imbibing spirits on the Avenue.

That’s when a vaguely familiar face caught my eye. A face familiar enough to stop and approach:


Me: “Hi!”

Him: “Hi?”

Me: “Your name is Steve, right?”

Him: “Yeah…”

Me: “I’m Jess. Don’t you remember? We went out on a couple dates a few years ago.”

Him: “Oh yeah. You were the girl who insisted on paying the tab on the second date, so I never called again.”

Me: “That’s ok. I kinda thought you were gay anyway.”



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4 Responses to “Another Awkward Moment, Compliments of Messie Jessie”

  1. Maia-Jeanne Says:

    Thats awesome of you to even say hi. What kind of fool doesn’t call because their date paid? Thats wack.

  2. To be honest, I didn’t really like him all that much to begin with. That and, I really did wonder if he was gay.

  3. Jeanne Says:

    I’m just catching up on your posts- this one made me LOL

  4. Thanks, Mamacita. Your blog makes me laugh on the regs, as well. 🙂

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