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Waste Not, Want Not December 6, 2011

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Yesterday I started writing a new post about some pervasive thoughts that had been jogging laps around my mind for the last six weeks or so. The concept of the material was decent, and after writing several paragraphs I read over what I had written; I was unimpressed. It was all sorts of abstract and esoteric and, well, downright depressing at times.

I figured that if I was unimpressed, then you, the reader, would certainly be unimpressed and nobody wants that (to be unimpressed, that is). Hence, the post found it’s way to the ol’ trash bin where it will live out the rest of it’s (short) life.

However, to accompany the post, I had also made a silly little photo to illustrate the point I was (poorly) making. In hindsight, the photo was the only redeeming quality of the whole post. After some consideration today, I felt that the photo really shouldn’t go to waste. It made me chuckle and I thought maybe it would make you chuckle too. Thus, I decided to post it all on it’s own.

So here it is, a silly little photo that I hope will brighten your day, even if just a silly little bit:

You know, "shoot for the moon" and all that junk.

Don’t fret, loyal readers: there’s better material on the horizon, I promise. In my (sparse) spare time, I’ve been doing some research for another publish-worthy post. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to “Waste Not, Want Not”

  1. At the bottom of the blog subscription new post email is “Thanks for flying with,” an alternate caption for your zooming pic.

  2. lol, nice. 😀 How apropos.

  3. Tiffany Says:

    You know what, that pic is beyond publish-worthy. Thanks for sharing, it is really cute! And who doesn’t love the stars and moon?

  4. Yay Tiff_e! Thanks for checkin’ in!

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