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Guess Who Wrote A Book?: Pimp ur Blog, yo March 21, 2012

That’s right, Messie Jessie has coauthored an eBook: Pimp ur Blog! Click here to visit the book’s website to learn more about it.

(Yes, my book has its own website. It spent many a tireless night perfecting the content, layout and design. I’m not sure how my book did this without any hands, but whatever, I think my book did a good job.)

“What’s an eBook?” you ask? Well, an eBook is pretty much exactly the same as a bound-paper book, except there is no bound paper. In fact, there’s no paper at all. EBooks download to your computer and other electronic devices for environmentally friendly reading. And they’re cheaper too: my eBook is only .99 cents per episode. $4.95 for the whole thing. Plus, there’s the whole instant gratification factor. Have you already decided you want the book? Just click this sentence, then click “Buy Now” and in less than a minute, it’s yours!

Now, in honor of full disclosure, I wrote only a small portion of the book and I know pretty much nothing on the actual topic. My assignment was to about my favorite topic: me! The majority of the authorship credit goes to Paul Rice who blogs at and Paul is one of my readers and used my blog as a guinea pig for his search-results-boosting hypothesis.

Turns out Paul knew what he was doing because it worked– my search results tripled almost immediately! You should totally visit his site and drop him a comment telling him all about how awesome his eBook is. Then head over to Twitter and follow him at @GettingWell4 so you can continue to wade in the wake of his awesomeness.

In closing, the following words are probably the most awesome to ever appear on this CrazyKindaLife website: BUY OUR EBOOK. On Amazon. 



In the spirit of continued awesomeness: Rate, Comment, Subscribe, Share! AND BUY!

And email! Copious compliments now accepted.


5 Responses to “Guess Who Wrote A Book?: Pimp ur Blog, yo”

  1. Paul Rice Says:

    Aw shucks :$
    Truth is, we are witnessing a writing powerhouse. Our eBook is only one of three remarkable pieces she has published in the past two weeks!

  2. maggieat40 Says:

    Hi Messie Jessie, I’m checking out the ebook now. Looking forward to all the wisdom you and Paul can offer on expanding the blog base. Also – nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check it out on my blog at Thanks and keep up the great blogging! Margaret

  3. Maggie, thank you for every single thing you wrote above! 🙂 🙂 What an honor!

  4. Paul Rice Says:

    Thanks for getting our eBook, too!

  5. […] Need a refresher on this ebook I speak of? Click HERE to learn more. […]

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