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Why 32 Is A Totally Awesome Age For Dating March 26, 2012

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… Because you can go out with both 27-year-old boys and 37-year-old men and neither one is inappropriate.


In the last year, I have pretty much dated exclusively in the +/- 5 year extension range. It wasn’t until my most recent date, which happened to be with a 27-year-old, that this fact came to my attention. After telling this aged Twenty-Seven guy all about how he was on the cusp of entering a spectacular time in his life, I segued to the amazingness, for a woman like me, of dating a younger man. Since I knew that the relationship was never going to go beyond this one date (despite the fact that he was a most enjoyable date– but, you know, we were pretty clear on the reality of the situation), I had no misgivings about fully disclosing my dating history of the 365 days prior.

Me: “You know, now that I think about it, you’re the third 27-year-old I’ve dated since the start of the new year.”

Twenty-Seven: “Since the start of the new year? How many people do you go out with?”

Me: “Oh, well not that many really. But before you three 27-year-olds, there was a 37-year-old. He was pretty fantastic too. Then before him there was another 27-year-old, and then before that, a 37-year-old. That’s all I can think of in the last, maybe, 7 months or so. I feel like I’m forgetting someone though.”

Twenty-Seven: “Not that many, huh? Boy, you sure do know how to make a guy feel special.”

Me: “No, you are special. All of you are special. You see, the beauty between dating both 27-year-olds and 37-year-olds is…..”

Do you know that 27-year-old son-of-a-gun actually sat there and listened to me emphatically ramble on about the awesomeness of other guys I’d dated for a good twenty minutes? And then he let me buy him breakfast.

Just another beauty of dating a 27-year-old; they’re so attentive sometimes. Bless their 27-year-old hearts.


Shortly after my date with Twenty-Seven, I decided my age preferences were a phenomenon that required closer examination. I asked myself, which is better: dating a 27-year-old or a 37-year-old?

Just for you, my readers, I have taken a purely scientific approach and developed the following method of measure:

I like fulcrums, yes I do. I like fulcrums, how about you?


Oh heck, who cares. When they’re with me, everybody wins!


Email me at and tell me all your favorite things about dating older and younger folks. If you write, I might even share some of the wonders that didn’t make it into this post. 😉

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