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Another Round of 100% For-Real Online Dating Screenshots! June 26, 2012

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Whatever I write here doesn’t really matter because you’re just going to scroll past it to look at all the fancy pictures in this post, so I’m just going to shut my yapper and get on with it.

And remember, (snarky photoshopped commentary aside) everything you see here is completely real. Enjoy!


Now, more lifelike than ever!


Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you said “HAIRlines”. My bad.


All of the above?


In his response he apologized by saying, “Sorry, I want do that again.”


I don’t know, that bathing suit babe is pretty hot…


Are these photos comic gold or fool’s gold? Let me know when you Rate, Comment, Subscribe, Share!

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4 Responses to “Another Round of 100% For-Real Online Dating Screenshots!”

  1. whiterainbow Says:

    Some of these are gold. I particularly liked the grammarian. For a moment I thought he’d written ‘wont’, as in ‘I’m wont to say you are very pretty’, which is sort of adorable. Then I realized that was my mind erasing all apostrophes from everyone’s sentences as nobody knows what they’re for any more. I should collect some of my matches’ profile pictures as well.

  2. Yes you should!

  3. Thank you for the morning laugh! I’m so glad I’m married—dating in the 21st century has become a real headache. I hope you find your prince charming, or at least one who is aware of the rules of grammar!

  4. Glad I could make your morning! And yes, despite what you see here, I’ve been on a few dates that were definitely worth my while. 🙂

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