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So this happened today. August 18, 2016

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The dog and I are on a steamy summer stroll around the neighborhood. We spot a family across the street. Two parents; in tow are a stroller with a baby, and a little 3 year old girl.

Sadie meme colors.jpg

Yup, this is my dog. Not to be confused with me.

Little girl: “A doggie!”

Me: A friendly smile and a broad wave.

Little girl’s mom: “Look! The doggie said hello!”

Well, actually, the owner said hello. The dog didn’t even notice you. But you know. I guess I can see how you would confuse us two.

No, actually I can’t. That was a really weird thing for that mom to say.


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Oh boy, here we go. (Thank you, Shonda) February 23, 2016

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I recently watched the TED Talk by Shonda Rhimes. (If you haven’t watched it, I’m not going to recap it for you here, so just do yourself  favor and watch it now.)

Exactly five minutes into her speech, she talks about “the hum”. Listening to her, I nod my head and think, “yeah man. I know that hum”. Around minute 12 she starts talking about how the hum is joy and love. It is confident and it is deific.

“The hum” also kinda sounds like hypomania, but whatever. No judgement, Shonda.

The thing is, like Shonda, my hum got quiet too. It went silent a few years ago. I have been trying to rekindle that hum, but always felt that I was reaching around in the dark – grasping the air – with inspiration just beyond my reach.

I blame grad school. And work. And doing both at the same time. And then not taking any real “time off” in the two years since I’ve been done doing both school and work at the same time.

This is a subject that has been on my mind for a long time. I want to rekindle the spark, and get closer to some goals I have had for a long time. I yearn for the hum. I mourn its silence almost daily.

holding spark

Perhaps it was not until now – when I have the words to aptly describe the spark that once existed and void I was feeling in its absence – that I believe am able to hold that spark in my hand once again (even if just for a few precious minutes at a time).

Back to the point: What brings me joy? What gets me closer to my goals? When do I feel the “hum”? What makes me feel like I am “playing”? Well, this actually.

Believe me, this is not the first time I considered getting back into blogging. I have come THISCLOSE on many occasion. Somehow restarting always felt so… overwhelming. Everything I was inspired to write about always felt so lofty and time consuming. So instead I retreated to FB and Reddit, because that is where I can distract myself from my own discontent (and face it, you do too).

But, as Shonda says, 15 mins a day?  I can totally do that.

So now, I am trying this. Like, for real this time. Here is my vow to play at least 15 mins a day.

My goal is to seek joy in order to nourish the hum.

Will you play with me?


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Rate me… Rate me, my friend. July 10, 2011

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In Memory and in Tribute September 28, 2009

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A post to celebrate the life of an absolutely amazing person, of whom I have had the distinct honor of knowing for the majority of my life. 

While he may have departed from us much too early, he lives forever in the hearts and memories of many.


Andrew Bruce Taylor

Andrew Bruce Taylor


I had the pleasure of being in his presence not so very long ago, and this song now takes on an entirely new meaning. May it always bring a smile to my face, in memory of the laughs we shared a mere few weeks ago:


Dear friend, you are deeply missed. May you now have found the peace you sought.


Dear Blog, August 19, 2009

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Notice, the author is a lefty

Notice, the author is a lefty

As I sit here, relishing a few bites of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked frozen yogurt and doing my best to tune out the mindless banter that is prime time network television, I can’t help but sit here and think of you.

I wonder if you are lonely. I wonder if you sit in restless anticipation of the next time I will drop by, tracing the edges of your white, rounded posts with the litter of my thoughts and words. I wonder if you grow tired of regaling the same stories over and over again to the loyal folks that stop by to visit you every day, while I seem to ignore your presence and give you nothing further to share with them.

I promise you that I have not forgotten about or deserted you, dearest blog.

Our love was becoming a troubled love; our relationship was headed in a direction I no longer saw as productive.  No longer were our deep, introspective exchanges and witty social observations. We were becoming boring, dear blog. 

Over the last few months I made attempts to revive what had originally brought us together. When our disquisitions were good they were good, and we shared them with the world; but when they were bad we as acted as any couple should- we worked out our problems away from the eyes of the world. Our friends did not see the hardships we faced, and were not aware of the number of times we had to agree to disagree on what topics of conversation were worth sharing with our audience.

I had to make a difficult decision, but one that I think has been for the best for everyone, and will ultimately bring us back to our original purpose and splendor. I decided we needed to take a break. 

Oh my beloved blog, I hope that you can appreciate what I have done to save what we had together. I promise I have not abandoned you, and will continue to tickle your pages with my presence. But what we are attempting takes time and work. Perhaps merely the fact that I now make my concerns public will put us back on the right path. I believe it already has.

I apologize for my vacillating attention without explanation. At the risk of sounding cliche, it wasn’t you, darling blog, it was me. I was not gone, only reevaluating. I feel optimistic that we will not only return to what we once were, but that we will become what we were always meant to be. And I feel optimistic that that time is near.

Until then,



My apologies October 4, 2008

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Life is good.

But also busy.

Between working full time (and then some), busting my ass to get my candidate of choice in office, exploring a burgeoning romance, and taking care of basic personal needs, I find little time for anything else except eating and sleeping- and generally those two essential components of life get largely ignored as well.

In short, I apologize for my blogging absence.

I always say that a weekend evening spent in seclusion is good for the soul. Therefore, I have holed myself up in my apt with a large bottle of wine, new music and my thoughts. 

Stay tuned, there is more to come…..

P.S. I realize that this was posted out of chronological order, but I posted it as such as to make it easier to the reader in positional order. The former was written after the latter.


Ch-ch-ch-changes! September 10, 2008

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That’s right, I changed the name of my blog! 

I just think it’s more fitting, don’t you? Besides, I seem to notice most website names generally include the URL somewhere. It’s good for business I suppose.

Hope you all like it too!


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