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So this happened today. August 18, 2016

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The dog and I are on a steamy summer stroll around the neighborhood. We spot a family across the street. Two parents; in tow are a stroller with a baby, and a little 3 year old girl.

Sadie meme colors.jpg

Yup, this is my dog. Not to be confused with me.

Little girl: “A doggie!”

Me: A friendly smile and a broad wave.

Little girl’s mom: “Look! The doggie said hello!”

Well, actually, the owner said hello. The dog didn’t even notice you. But you know. I guess I can see how you would confuse us two.

No, actually I can’t. That was a really weird thing for that mom to say.


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And Doggie makes three May 24, 2009

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For those of you who don’t know, over the last two months I had been looking into adopting a dog. After countless hours searching Craigslist & Petfinder, and a few trips to local shelters…. I finally found a dog to call my own!

She is the sweetest girl, and in typical new mother fashion, here are some photos to share. Click on any pic for a larger view:

When I went to the SPCA yesterday, accompanied by my dog-owner-mentor, I had a list of potential dogs I had seen online that I wanted to check out. Out of the four, two were already known to not do well with cats (one of my primary requirements), one had been taken back by it’s owners, and sadly, for one I had come in too late and her time at the shelter was up. 

Not to be discouraged, I walked around the hundred or so cages looking for potential adoptees. As I was looking at another dog, my friend brought my attention to a calm white dog a few cages down. I thought she was the cutest thing, and immediately asked the girl working there to note that after seeing all the dogs I wanted to come back to take her out. Before walking away I looked at her info sheet to see age, history, etc. My eye caught her name, and I just couldn’t believe it… The folks at the shelter had named her Jessie! That’s when I knew it was meant to be.

I continued looking around the shelter, but couldn’t get the little white girl out of my head. I tested out another pup first, but he was way too energetic for me, and ended up not testing well with cats. I asked if we could go back to Jessie, but requested that before we took her out to “cat test” her, so that I wouldn’t get my hopes up in the play yard, only to find out she may very well eat my resident feline friend. Thankfully, she was curious and sniffed at the cat, but paid no further mind.

After spending a few minutes in the play yard with her, I felt confident to finally utter the words I had been waiting so long to say: “This is the one. I want to take this dog home”. Embarrassingly, at that moment my eyes started to well up with happiness and excitement, and I had to wipe away a few budding tears. How ridiculous would that have been to start crying at the shelter? Seriously.

After a car ride, a visit to the pet shop, a stop at my dog-mentor’s house to meet her crew and get a bath, a few walks around the new block and a good nights sleep (only one bark in the middle of the night), she is peacefully laying around today, but always by my side. I’m sure that she is enjoying the sanctity of a quiet home, lots of affection, and a few treats when she does something good. I think she will be happy in her new home.

Rice-kitty (aka meowhead) is reacting to our new addition just as I has expected: Initial puffy tail freak out, hiding out under the bed, occasionally coming out for food and water and/or to lay by my side- with one eye fixed on the dog at all times. He lived with a dog before, so I know he’ll be just fine shortly. In the meantime he’s still getting plenty of one-on-one time with his fellow couch potato. He’s still my bud, and he knows he’ll always be number one in my heart.

In case you are wondering; no, she does not have an official name just yet. Obviously it would be just plain bizarre (and possibly quite egocentric) if I kept the name Jessie, but I have been tossing a few ideas around. There are a few that seem to stick, and I’ll be sure to update when the right one comes along.

Lastly, just wanted to note that the title of the post is actually quite inaccurate. Doggie actually makes six! Between myself, Rice the cat, 3 hermit crabs and Doggie I’m starting to feel like I’m living in a menagerie. Feeding time rocketed to a whole new level this morning, and it wasn’t until my stomach started to feel upset that I realized, “oh yeah, I need to eat too”. 

It’s going to take us all a little while to adjust, but I have the feeling we’ll all be one happy family in no time. All six of us.


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